The Raw Canvas is a tattoo studio, art gallery and apparel located downtown in Grand Junction, Colorado.


Justin Nordine

Dream-like imagery with graphical elements and underlying watercolor tones

Justin Nordine Tattoos   Man With Arm Tattoo of Woman's Face.jpg


Melora Monticone

Precise dot work collides with geometric designs, bold colors, and elegant lines

Melora Monticone Coyle   Woman With Floral Tattoo On Chest.jpg


Robbie Campbell

Bold, bright neotraditional and abstract tattoos that are fresh yet enduringly iconic

Robbie Campbell Tattoos   Woman With Flower Tattoo Between Breasts.jpg


Greg Heinz

Stylish and inspired tattoo work that will stand the test of time

Greg Heinz Tattoos   Man With Dragon Leg Tattoo.jpg


Erik Campbell

Neotraditional illustrative color work and realism/morph style in black-and-gray

Erik Campbell Tattoos   Man with Skull Sleeve and Chest Tattoos.jpg


Johnny Bravo

Fine lettering and "slam" fonts, ornamental, geometric, and macabre surrealism

Johnny Bravo Tattoos   Castle Tattoo on Woman's Foot.jpg


Guest  Artist

Whether black & grey or color, we bring talent from all over the country. 

Woman With Castle Foot Tattoo by Johnny Bravo 04.jpg