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Johnny Bravo

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He's 1 part artist, 1 part dreamer, 2 parts class clown, and 3 parts radical shoe collector. Too many parts? Johnny is who he is. He's an artist with insatiable thirst to learn and to create.

Johnny's passion for art is obsessive. His love for the craft is disciplined. He gives all the credit to his "saint of a grandmother for pushing me when I wanted to give up, and sharing her story of why she is so patient and ever persistent."

These days Johnny is known mostly for tiny lines, white highlights, and line structure/consistency. He is often approached for fine lettering and dark "slam" fonts, ornamental, geometric, black and grey, and macabre surrealism.

Relatable and disarming, Johnny does his best put his clients in a positive state of mind, whether their tattoo requires him to tug on their heart strings or mess with their eyes.

If you let all the bad things that have ever happened to you damper your ability to do what you love, then the ones who did that to you won. And you can never let them win
— Johnny Bravo


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