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Justin Nordine

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Justin Nordine is a tattoo artist and a Colorado native. After college Justin became an art teacher to inner city students who would eventually become the inspiration for The Raw Canvas, Justin's tattoo studio. 

His drive for tattooing comes from the stories of his clients, humanity and nature.  The resulting artwork is inspired by the stories they have shared, humanity and the universal challenges we all face.

Justin is an internationally-recognized expert in fine-art watercolor technique. His expertise shapes his signature aesthetic, dream-like imagery with graphical elements and underlying watercolor tones. Structure and chaos dance together.

His current artistic direction will be focusing on nature, human faces, animals and abstract design elements.  He also uses graphic elements in most of his work (geometry, shapes, etc). He is looking for clients interested in large scale work and allowing for full, unrestricted creation.

It is my personal goal that my clients walk away with an amazing piece of art and an incredible experience.
— Justin Nordine


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Justin's books OPEN JULY 1st, 2018 at 12am MST for IN STUDIO submissions.  Please follow his social media outlets for announcements of openings.  You can submit for upcoming conventions using the form below.

If you are interested in get tattooed by me, I am only looking for simple, basic ideas, your preferred body placement (arm, leg, back, chest) and size (I am currently only booking large pieces that may require one or more sessions). I am interested in nature, human faces/figures, animals and abstract design elements.
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Justins books are currently CLOSED for IN STUDIO submissions. Please keep in mind, Justin's availability for conventions are very limited.

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