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Robbie Campbell

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Robbie Campbell is a self-taught tattoo artist with his professional experience beginning in 2010. He is a husband and father.

Art has always driven Robbie, and for years that drive manifested itself in illicit graffiti and later in building cafe racers and choppers. Tattooing became a career that would help him support his family and feed his spirit. 

Top priority for Robbie is respecting his clients and leaving them feeling great about themselves after every session.

Robbie loves doing large-scale, multiple session masterpieces. Of the several styles that he works in, most notable are neotraditional and abstract. He loves bold, black line work as well as bright, vivid color. "Clean" is a word often used by others to describe Robbie's style. He prefers "thorough." 

You could say I worry about your comfort more than necessary, but it’s the only way I know how to work.
— Robbie Campbell


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